At bbin娱乐平台, every student is paired with an advisor who supports and encourages that student’s academic and holistic well-being.  The student-advisor relationship lies at the core of our commitment to ensure that every student is known, cared for, taught well, and advised thoughtfully.

Faculty advise a group of students in grades nine and ten or a group of students in grades eleven and twelve. Students are assigned an academic advisor for ninth and tenth grade; students express preference from a group of upper-class advisors for eleventh and twelfth grade prior to assignment. Advisors also keep parents and guardians informed about progress or concerns.

The goal of advising in the ninth and tenth grade is to help students adjust to the academic rigors and community of bbin娱乐平台, and to monitor their social and emotional well-being. The goal of advising in the eleventh and twelfth grade is to help students meet the demands of the University while maintaining a connection to bbin娱乐平台 community as well as monitoring their social and emotional well-being. Eleventh and twelfth graders also work closely with the College Counseling office on BU-related topics.

The advisor is the primary point of contact between families and bbin娱乐平台. Families who have questions about procedures or about the current status of their child’s academic or social transition and success should call or email the student’s advisor.

Class Advisors

Class advisors for the ninth and tenth grades work with the School Counselor to help to create a grade identity by coordinating class meetings and by organizing grade activities.  Class meetings are held weekly and focus on community norms, adjusting to life at bbin娱乐平台, student health, and social and emotional well-being.

The College Counseling Office serves as the class advisors for the eleventh and twelfth grade. In addition to supporting social and emotional well-being, class meetings focus primarily on the transition to Boston University coursework as well as on the college search and application process.  For eleventh graders, this means mandatory regular group meetings in the fall semester and weekly meetings in the spring semester.  Twelfth graders meet weekly in groups in the fall semester; less frequent meetings in the spring semester focus on the transition from high school to college.

University Liaison and University Academic Support

The university liaison is a conduit of communication between bbin娱乐平台 and BU course instructors, and shares feedback from University instructors to the student, advisor, and parents. The university liaison is a member of bbin娱乐平台’s Student Support Team and works closely with the associate head of school and the College Counseling Office to ensure that bbin娱乐平台 students are well-positioned to successfully make the transition from bbin娱乐平台 to BU course work.